The grassy hills in early summer.


120,000 as of 500EA







The Alabay are a group of farmers and nomadic herders on the northern plains towards the south. They live mostly in the Yaehfu Region .

The Kido and KiduEdit


The Kido are the farm branch of the Alabay. Their concern is with providing enough food for themselves, next year and their other half the Kidu.


Their two largest cities togther having over 40,000 residents. They are intelectual centers but at this point in time are citystates controlling surounding villages. Xixu is the larger of the two cities having over 25,000 citizens. Public works projects (in their infancy) have been established to help increase quality of life. Yaxu the smaller of the 2 is towards the north on the Yaehfu Sea.


The kidu are nomadic herders. Their concern is to provide all of the Alabay with clothing, meat and trade goods. Only 11,000 Kidu are saif to exsist at one time.


Before winter the Kidu will travel to their home village or city. Their they will sell much of the goods they have traded and buy the supplies they need. They almost allways have a family in town who they have intrusted their winter gear. They will take this and place their summer gear into storage. In the winter they will take their herds south.

Winter TentEdit

The winter tent is made up of large Bison pelts. These pelts are sewn together. A single pole placed in the centerof the tent. Five other poles attach to the center pole near the middle. With the pole assemble the pelts are laid over it.


The Alabay are highly religious. They put a lot of emphasises on Otolvo their God. They live in cities and villages. Edit