For the purpose of keeping things short this will only cover the most common religion. It is based around Otolva. However their are a plethora of smaller religions that follow a great many spirits.

Is there a formal clergy? How are they organized?Edit

The two city states of Yaxu and Xixu of Kido, though separate, come together under one religious organization. This does not have an appointed leader. Instead they form a democratic system. The Kido are in the process of collecting religious stories relating to Otolva. This is throught the help of the storytellers.

What do people believe happens to them after death? How, if at all, can they influence this?Edit

In general there are two places. The land of light and the land of man. In the land of man nothing is real. The only thing that exists are the people around you and the things you imagine and the rocks beneath your feet. The sky has no sun, no light. The only light comes from dim fires. These things you imagine are hollow and empty. If you imagine a house (the only way to get a house) the rain will fall, and the wind will blow through it. If you imagine a fire no warmth is made. If you imagine food no hunger is ended. People here hate each other; fleeing away in all directions. They blame others for their failure. All desire is unsatisfied.

In the land of light all things are real. People are kind, loving. You can take down a tree today to build a house and that same tree will be back tomorrow. Though in reality no houses are ever needed. Winds are never cold or harmful. The rain never brings sickness and will never fall at night. There are no bugs that bite or animals that kill you. A roof is not needed. All things that have reason to be loved are here.

You do influence which place you go to. It is always related to what you devote your time to. Most stories say you most find a way to devote yourself to Otolvo. ==What happens to those who disagree with the majority on questions of religion?== They are outsiders not hated. They are seen as those who are lost.

What are the most popular rituals or festivals?Edit

Harvest is always celebrated. Summer solstice is used to remind people that all things living must cycle.

What do people want from the god or gods? How do they try and get it?The people want to be blessed in all they do. Every 21 days a small community will buy an antelope. They will then sacrifice it on a community alter giving the cooked meat to widows, orphans and elderly. ==What is the most commonly broken religious rule?== The most common is said to be lying.

What is the least-violated religious rule?Edit

Stealing is very rare. Mostly do to everyone knowing you in small communities.