Also called the Platybelodon, the majestic Buru-bìrì is the largest mammal on Zaseshe

The elephantoid Platybelodon, or Buru-bìrì, is the largst mammal on Zaseshe, standing over 3 meters high. Living along rivers in the mires and glades on the southern part of the island, its diet consists largely of water weeds and other aquatic plants, allthough it can and will strip leaves and bark from trees, if need be. The herd structure is matriarchal, with a dominant elder leading the small herd, which usually consists of no more than fifteen individuals, to find the best feeding grounds. Males leave the herd when they are old enough to fend for themselves. Buru-bìrì communicate with both high-pitched squeals and subsonic rumblings, which help herds to locate one another in the thick forests. Local Lesù consider the animal to be sacred, and it is almost never hunted for its meat or tusks.