Dog Bear

Two dog-bears fighting over a carcass of a Horn-nose.

Dog-bears (Shaytan in Arcesian) are a carnivorous species, distantly related to Ailuries, that dwell in the Carnan river valley and in the cooler parts of the Hoyad plains. They are adept at running as well as stalking prey, including the Horn-noses. Arcesian folklore generally depicts them as ruthless and demonic, or, in more sympathetic portrayals, as cunning but proud.

Dog-bears are a very social animal, and are usually organized into large packs of up to twenty or thirty animals (though packs of up to fifty have been reported). At the head of these packs are an alpha male and alpha female, who do not have to be mates. Usually, packs will coordinate hunts, some of which display a great amount of intelligent strategizing and usage of terrain. Dog-bears have even been able to successfully scavenge off human hunts in ingenious ways; sometimes, for instance, a few Dog-bears would attack human hunters to scare them away, while the remaining Dog-bears would take the carcasses these hunters hunted.

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