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The regions that saw the double eclipse.

The double eclipse was the succession of two solar eclipses by each of Etheria's moons. Although it happened early in history, it has left marks in stories, legends and religions and has been used as a point of reference for history, its year being known as the "year 0 of the Etheria Age".

Double eclipse

A view of Etheria from space during the double eclipse.

Importance in Various CulturesEdit

Arcesian PeoplesEdit

In Arces, the double eclipse coincided with the downfall of the third dynasty of the Arcesian Empire, which lasted from 100 BEA to 10 EA. For traditional Arcesian historians, it marked the transition from the previously more decentralized Arcesian state to the foundation of a truly centralized, bureaucratic empire that Arces was to be. It was also around this time that the plains Arcesians began exerting greater influence on the affairs of the Empire. These dynamics probably contributed to the rise of the Arcesian legend surrounding the fourth and fifth dynasties of the Empire, which discussed on the double eclipse was a divine sign of the gods' approval of the fourth dynasty's rebellion against the third.