Orbital characteristics
Semi-major axis 7.47×107 km
0.499 AU
Orbital circumference 4.68×108 km
Eccentricity 0.122
Perihelion 6.56×107
.438 AU
Aphelion 8.38×107
.560 AU
Orbital period 128.70 (Earth) days
.352 yr
Inclination 1.54°
Longitude of the
ascending node
Argument of the
Number of satellites 0
Physical characteristics
Equatorial radius 2666.8 km
.418 Earths
Surface area 89,400,000 km²
.175 Earths
Volume 7.94×1010 km³
.074 Earths
Mass 4.2×1023 kg
.071 Earths
Mean density 5.34 g/cm³
.97 Earths
Equatorial gravity 3.98 m/s²
.41 Earths
Escape velocity 4.6 km/s
.41 Earths
Rotation period 2060 h
85.8(Earth) days
Rotation velocity 2.26 m/s
.0049 Earths
Axial tilt 19°
Albedo .07
Surface temp.
Adjective Electran

Electra is the second planet from the sun in the Etheria System. It has a spin-orbit resonance, similar to Mercury, with the planet rotating 3 times on its axis for every 2 orbits.

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