The Etheria system is the solar system that contains 9 planets, and is notable for having two planets with life, though only one of them (Etheria) is habitable by human-like life.

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Maia is a roughly Mars-sized rocky planet located quite close to the sun.


Electra is the smallest planet in the system, though it is marginally larger than Mercury.


Etheria is an inhabited Earth-like planet slightly larger than the Earth, and slightly warmer as well, due to its somewhat smaller orbit.


Nereis is a massive terrestrial planet that is also habitable, though not by humans. Its surface consists almost entirely of water, with only a few scattered minor landmasses. Despite being located about as far from its sun as Mars is from our own, its thick atmosphere keeps it warm enough to keep from freezing over.


Taygete is the first gas giant, and is slightly more massive than Neptune.


Alcyone is the second gas giant in the system, and it is slightly more massive than Taygete.


Celaeno is the third and largest gas giant planet in the system, having roughly 3 times the mass of Jupiter.


Sterope is the last gas giant in the system, and it is roughly the mass of Saturn.


Merope is a small icy planet, about 3 times the mass of Mars, and orbits about as far out as Pluto does in our own Solar System.