These are question from Dr. Zahir's Ethnogragpical Questionaire. Section two Questions of time.

How far back does this society's written history go?Edit

The written history is currently nonexistent. Oral tradition maintains much of the historic, religious, and proverbial heritage.

What is the worst disaster they believe they've faced?Edit

The Great Winds would count.

What are they afraid of happening again?Edit

They fear that the waters will run dry again and the great winds will once more wipe them away.

What are they hoping will happen? Do they think it likely?Edit

They wish to live forever in Joy with the ones they love.

What do they assume the future will hold?Edit

The future is always death. However if you lived a worthy life it is a happy death. Similar to going home. The opposite is true for a coward.

What are the most popular stories about the past?Edit

The Great Winds is always told however it is very reverent. Popular stories include “The Boy Who Out Squikied the Dark Spirit” and “The Consumer of Fire.”

Who in the past is the greatest hero? The worst villain?Edit

The Greatest hero is the Consumer of Fire. He saved a village from burning.

The Dark Spirit would qualify as a villain.

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