Horn Nose

A drawing of wild Horn-noses. Domesticated horn-noses were somewhat larger but leaner than their wild counterparts.

The horn-noses (Ijim Weshto in Arcesian, or Ijiwesh for short) were a camel-like species domesticated by the plains dwelling Arcesians. Their most distinctive feature were their flabby noses. Centuries, if not millennia, of breeding made the Horn-noses an extremely viable and useful animal for the Arcesians. They were used for food, milk, as well as transportation, and were an integral part of life for the Plains-dwelling Arcesians. The River-dwelling Arcesians also highly revered the Horn-noses, and both the River-dwelling and Plains-dwelling Arcesians used them for cavalry to great effect.


On Zaseshe, the horn-nose can also be found in abundance. However, the Zaseshe Horn-Nose is slightly smaller than the mainland variety, standing about 1.6 m at the shoulder. In addition, they have a striped pelt, and a slightly bushier tail.