The Intacar archipelago and surrounding area

The Intacar is an archipelago with three major islands, six minor islands, and numerous smaller islands located near the Bacar peninsula in western Borea, to the east of Zephyria, and to the north of the Jyokun Archipelago. In some ways it can be considered to be an extension of the Jyokun Archipelago, but in most cases it is not, due to a slight gap between the two island groups, and due to the differing cultures that inhabit the two regions. The major cultures in the Intacar are the On and Qhalqon, however, several other cultures also inhabit other parts of this region.


Most of the region is located in the marine biome, though the southeastern regions tend towards the subtropical biome, and the northern regions tend towards taiga. Average temperatures range from highs of 15° to 25°C during the summer, and around 5° to 15°C during the winter in the southern parts, to highs of 10° to 20°C during the summer, and around -15° to -5°C during the winter in the northernmost parts.



A view from one of the natural harbors in northern Intacar

Much of intacar is mountainous or hilly, with only some coastal regions, mainly in the east, being relatively flat. Some regions are more mountainous than others, with the most mountainous regions being the islands of Antacar and <unnamed>, along with the peninsula just to the north of Antacar. Antacar is the largest island in the archipelago, and it is primarily occupied by the On.


Obsidian is relatively common due to the numerous volcanoes in the region, additionally the region is rich in iron, and also contains some gold. However, the region only has a minimal amount of copper, and almost no tin.


Intacar lang

The major languages of the Intacar archipelago and surrounding area

The major language family in the region is Onpotcor-Qhalqon family, with some language from this family being of the vast majority of the islands in the archipelago, as well as on parts of the mainland. An unrelated? language named Orkhura is spoken on some of the southernmost islands, this language is also spoken in the northern parts of the Jyokun Archipelago.

The Qhalqon language is broken up into three major groups, southern, central, and northern, while Onpotcor is split into insular and peninsular forms. The two forms of Onpotcor are more or less mutually intelligible, as are both Northern Qhalqon and Southern Qhalqon with Central Qhalqon, though Northern and Southern Qhalqon are generally not mutually intelligible with each other.