The K'oaŋ peoples are a group of sedentary farmers who speak the Pasman language and live in the coastal humid continental area south of the Yon region. K'oaŋ is an autonym meaning "the farming people".

Their temperate land was covered in rich, thick deciduous forest that was well-suited to corn- and tomato-based agriculture imported from the Kido of Alabay. With a solid agricultural base and developing urbanization, these southerners were mostly able to resist the waves of invasion and colonization from the Yon Islands that climaxed circa -200 to -100 EA.

The K'oaŋ build stone or timber farmhouses descended from the pithouses of the earlier Sutakai people. They farm corn, tubers, tomatoes, and berries and keep domestic grouse for eggs, meat, and feathers, and domestic antelope for meat, milk, wool, and labor.