Total population
c. --- in 500 EA
Regions with significant populations
--- ---

Kwoudangese, others


Daoqonic shamanism

Related ethnic groups

On, Qhalqon, Pelics (somewhat)


The Kwoudangese originated in the peninsula north of Intacar as a branch of the On people. They split away from the rest of the On around 3500 BEA, and headed east across the sea, settling on the islands of Teng and Makwau, becoming the first to do so, as well as a peninsula on mainland Borea to the north of Teng. There they advanced, and by 2500BEA, they had independently developed agriculture and true cities on the northwestern shore of Makwau, the Kwoudang Coast.

Peoples of Daihexi
Kwoudangeses - Pelics - Sâtouns - Maghans - others