East Kipros Penninsula in Borea.






Typical box houses (Eonu).

Lojedos is a communal costal desert colony state located in southwestern Borea.


Lojedos comes from the Proto-Lojed word Arelxedeus "person [familiar] of [familiar]" said in rapid speech .

Lojedo comes from Proto Lojed Arelxail "survived"

Early History Edit

The Lojedim arrived at the Kipro penninsula in BC times. In time most settlers left to what is now Zoevado, the current current culture center for most inhabitants. Some cotton and papyrus farms exist in Arable Zones, while mines generally have antimony, copper, and phosphorus. As a result the most common occupation is Miner. Some food cropps are grown and water is typically filtered from Lake Izetra or Saia Izetrali . Because of arguments for resources, the land of Lojedos typical ruled by feudal lords in an area set not by political standards but by meteorological ones. Lojedos is called Lojedos by all speakers of Proto-Lojed becuase their world was typically just called 'the land".

Politics Edit


Culture/Hayak OutlineEdit

Most Lojedim believe they are they last survivors of spiritiual battle in the area,hence their name. The Hayak religion is based largely on this and "spirits" of the area who dictate all natural life.

Unlike most areas, homosexuality and bisexuality will not get you ostracized.


Common Lojed follows these consonants.

Lojed Consonants
-------------------- Bilabial Labiolar Lental Dental Alveolar Paleolar Retroflex Palatal Velar Uvular Glottal
Nasal m n ng
Plosive (p)1 b t d th dh k g q x
Fricative p v (z)1 z (s)1 s sh (zh) r y j h
Fluidative w w
Lateral l


1- There is no distintion between between marked phonemes.

Common Lojed follows these vowels;

Lojed Vowels
----------------------- Front Front-Centra Central Back-Central Back
Open ii i u uu
Open-MId ei o
Mid ou [all unstressed vowels]
Closed-Mid e
Closed a