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The amazing height of Itla.

Mount Itla (cf. Proto-Umík iƛa because of the oral stories told about it) is the largest mountain on Etheria. It is in the north of Zephyria, near to the Okenyu people. It can be seen from 1,000s of miles away. It is told that it can be seen from as far as the Ninarinan territory's archipelago. It has a height of 10,674m, higher than Earth's Mount Everest.

Many peoples believe that no-one will ever be able to climb to the peak.


One interesting side effect of Etheria's higher concentration of oxygen in its atmosphere, and increases atmospheric pressure overall, is that there is more oxygen in the air at the summit of Mt. Itla than there is at the summit of Mt. Everest, despite Mt. Itla being over a kilometer taller. The amount of oxygen available is roughly 8.39kPa, roughly equivalent to an altitude of 7600m on Earth.

However, its extreme altitude and northerly location mean that it is likely to have far colder temperatures and worse winds than Mt. Everest.