Orbital characteristics
Semi-major axis 2.16×108 km
1.442 AU
Orbital circumference 1.35×109 km
Eccentricity 0.042
Perihelion 2.07×108
1.38 AU
Aphelion 2.25×108
1.50 AU
Orbital period 632.39 (Earth) days
1.73 yr
Inclination 2.43°
Longitude of the
ascending node
Argument of the
Number of satellites  ?
Physical characteristics
Equatorial radius 8325.4 km
1.31 Earths
Surface area 871,000,000 km²
1.71 Earths
Volume 2.42×1012 km³
2.24 Earths
Mass 1.36×1025 kg
2.28 Earths
Mean density 5.64 g/cm³
1.02 Earths
Equatorial gravity 13.12 m/s²
1.34 Earths
Escape velocity 14.8 km/s
1.32 Earths
Rotation period 18.43 h
.768 days
Rotation velocity 788 m/s
1.69 Earths
Axial tilt 34°
Albedo .31
Surface temp.
Adjective Nereisian
Atmospheric characteristics
Atmospheric pressure 5270 mbar
5.201 Earth
Composition 64.6% Nitrogen
31.2% Helium
4.0% Oxygen
0.2% Argon

Nereis is the fourth planet in the Etheria System. It is a large terrestrial planet, however it is considerably different than Earth or Etheria. Roughly 95% of its surface is covered by water, and it has a quite thick atmosphere, whose greenhouse effect is the reason the planet hasn't frozen over. Additionally, any visitors from Earth or Etheria would likely quickly suffer from mild nitrogen narcosis due to the increased pressure.

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