Octocreeper from the Arcesian coast.

The Octocreeper is an amphibious octopus that evolved primitive lung sacs. Related to Squikeys, the Octocreeper lives in western Borea (including most of the Mesoborean Sea), as well as various islands in between Borea and Zephyria. Octocreepers usually live near beaches or rivers, although some also live in inland forested areas that have lakes or small ponds and streams.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The Octocreeper uses its eight arms to move on land by crawling. It spends time equally on land and in water, where it lays its eggs. Octocreepers can grow as much as 6 m in arm span.

Octocreepers are capable of ejecting ink from an ink sac. They mainly use this to defend themselves against predators or to confuse prey, although sometimes they spray ink as a form of play.


Although not as intelligent as their Squikey relatives, Octocreepers are relatively intelligent creatures, as they have memory as well as simple problem-solving capabilities. They are capable of using tools to some extent, such as using branches or leaves to make temporary shelters, or using rocks to crack open animal carcasses. Largely peaceful towards more threatening species, Octocreepers are even playful towards humans, and some coastal communities of Arces have kept orphaned Octocreepers as pets (although the Octocreeper has not been domesticated).