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The Paracer

The paracer is a lager mammal indiginous to the plains of Borea.


The diet of the Paracer consists mostly of berries that grow along the banks of rivers and shores of lakes. In the southern plains they eat a variety of fig that is poisonous to humans. They use their large head to dig for tubers. The paracer is known to chew on the carcasses of other animals but this is a rare event.


The most notable feature of the paracer is it's size. Reaching nearly 5.5 metres (18 ft) at the shoulder and a length of 9 metres (30 ft) in length from nose to rump. The skull usually has a length of 1.5 metres (4.9 ft). It varies in weight when you change herds. Mostly do to genetic variations similar to breed.

Social StructureEdit

Though they are not vary smart they tend to stick in strong social hierarchies. Males and females have a separate herd; coming together only to mate.

Human InteractionEdit

Paracers, due to their large size, often ignore smaller creatures unless youngs are around. They lazily avoid humans though steering away from nomadic caravaans. This is because young human men will occasionally attack. Often as a rite of passage. However these types of nomads are rare because most of them think the creatures are related to Gods in some way.