Proto-Dêmbos is the language that was spoken by the Dêmbos people, ancestors of the clans currently living in the Amùh Empire. The Amùh language is one of its descendants.


Proto-Dêmbos had the following consonant inventory:

/p t k b d g/

/s ts/

/w l r/ (w serves as a consonant between hiatus)

And the following vowels:

/a i e E o/


Proto-Dêmbos grammar makes use of infixes, which come before the last vowel of the root.

Proto-Dêmbos nouns usually end with –os, -r, -i or –ats. Plurality is marked by the infix –b, which changes according to its environment (p after voiceless consonants, w after velar consonants, null after p or b). Various other infixes exist: -uz- is an augmentative infix, ­-at- turns a verb into an agentive noun and so on.

Verbs do not inflect for anything.

Word order is SVO, head first, and relative/complementizer clauses are not marked in a special way.


pak: go, move, walk

kali (root kal): water

kuzali (root kuzal): sea

dêmos (root dêm): man, person

kawumi (root kawum): land, Borea

tsular (root tsula): snow

odats (root oda): green