Proto-Wahlichi is the ancestral language of the Wahlichian peoples in the forests Northeast Aboria.




Spoken in

Northern Arboria



Front Back Back
High i (ɨ)1 u
Mid e (ə)2 o
Low a
  1. Allophone of /i, u/ after a labialized consonant.
  2. Allophone of /e, o/ after a labialized consonant.


Labial Alveolar Post-Alveolar Velar Uvular Glottal
Plain Labial Plain Labial
Nasal m n ŋ
Plosive Plain p t k kw q qw ʔ
Ejective kwʼ qwʼ
Affricate Plain t͡ɬ t͡ʃ
Ejective t͡ɬ' t͡ʃ'
Fricative s ʃ
Lateral Frictative ɬ
Approx. l
Approx. j w


Proto-Walhichi can be classified as an APV language, but word order only playing part of the role in Agent-Patient distinction. Proto-Wahlichi's animate distinction decides word order, Animate>Inanimate, while verbal suffixes define the Agent/Patient.

Tege phahla qwha he
man dog bite.Ø had
The man bit the dog.
Tege phahla qwha.ta he
man dog bite.PAT had
The dog bit the man.

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