Total population
Roughly --- in 500 EA
Regions with significant populations
Intacar ---
Bacar ---
Makwau ---
Teng ---
<unnamed> ---
<unnamed> ---

The Qonqa peoples are a largely spread ethnic group in western and northwestern Borea. They range from the mouth of the Mesoborean Sea and Daihexi in the east to near the Borea-Zephyria border in the west. Their name is from poq [ˈqoɴqə], meaning "of the people".



The spread of the Qonqa peoples and their language family from 4000BEA to 500EA

Before 4000BEAEdit

Little is known about the Qonqa peoples prior to around 4000BEA, however it is believed that they originated farther to the north in the Bacar peninsula, before migrating to the south into warmer regions. The main support for this theory is the similarity to the languages of northern Bacar, however not enough evidence remains to truly link these northern languages to the Onpotcor-Qhalqon languages.

Qonqa Culture (c. 4000BEA to c. 2500BEA)Edit

Kwoudang Culture (c. 3500BEA to c. ???)Edit

On Culture (c. 2500BEA to c. ???)Edit

Qhalqon Culture (c. 2000BEA to c. ???)Edit

Ŋæřat Culture (c. 1000BEA to c. ???)Edit