A Sâtoun shaman with a representation of her totem.
Total population
c. 600,000 in 500 EA
Regions with significant populations
East Makwau 500,000
East Teng 100,000

Sâtoun languages, Pelic languages


Makwaui shamanism, Tengic shamanism, Arcesian animism

Related ethnic groups

Other Ɂūmríɂlic peoples, (disputed) Arcesians

The Sâtoun people are one of the major people of Daihexi. They are the most populous ethnic group of Makwau and the only one to live in its swamp regions.

Ɂūmríɂlic peoples
Pelics - Sâtouns - Maghans - others
Peoples of Daihexi
Kwoudangeses - Pelics - Sâtouns - Maghans - others

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