Sèferi [ˈsø.fɛ.ri] is the language spoken by the Lesù people, on the island of Zaseshe. It is descended from Proto-Sèferi.


Romanization is in italics.


Labials Dentals Palatoalveolar Palatal/Velar
Stops/Affricates p p b b t t d d ʧ c ʤ j k k g g
Fricatives f f s s ʃ sh ʝ z
Nasals m m n n ŋ ng
Sonorants r r j y
Laterals l l ʎ ly


Front Central Back
High i i y ì ɯ u u ù
Mid ɛ e ø è ʌ o o ò
Low a a




syllable structure; hiatus is allowed. Each syllable is given equal weight, unless accented with an acute (unrounded vowels) or circumflex (rounded vowels) diacritic, which indicates a doubled vowel, pronounced twice as long as a single vowel.

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