A snow pard is a large carnivorous feline predator, the apex predator of the tundra of northeastern Borea. It is a larger and more dangerous relative of the Sea Leopard. They range across the snow-covered plains all winter, hunting seals and antelope, and breaking into the dens of hibernating sarkastodons to prey upon the massive creatures. Snow pards are excellent (if not swift) swimmers, with a more streamlined, bullet-like head than most felines, and can cross expanses of open ocean to reach seal breeding grounds and sea bird rookeries.

The head-body length of the snow pard is 1.6 to 2.5 meters and it stands 1.2 meters at the shoulder. Adult snow pards can weigh between 360 and 470 kilograms. Their coat ranges from blank white to a dirty, tawny grey covered with large, faint spots.