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Two squikeys sharing a fruit.

Squikeys (Hikiyah in Arcesian, Faninpur in Onpotcor) are an omnivorous species of intelligent, tree-dwelling squids that live in the islands west of Arces, and those west of Borea in general. Highly social, adaptive, and intelligent, Squikeys have coexisted with local humans and primates for thousands of years.

Possibly one of the most intelligent non-human species in Etheria, Squikeys have complex soical organizations, and are often divided into "tribes" of up to fifty individuals. Their behavior is also highly complex. Using their flexible limbs, Squikeys can use tools such as sticks and rocks for various purposes, such as searching for food or even for hunting and injuring other animals (or Squikeys). Altruism is not uncommon among squikeys, and is even extended to other species as well; local Arcesian legends oftentimes tell of squikeys saving shipwrecked fishermen or sailors. At the same time, squikeys are also capable of human-like violence and aggression. Wars between territory can often be vicious, and squikeys are reported to be one of the few species that take part of in assassination of powerful members of other tribes, as well as gangrapes of enemy females. Additionally, conflict is not only limited to other squikeys: squikey tribes have been known to systematically fight with primate bands. Furthermore, peace and war are not always limited to one-on-one interactions between sole tribes. Entire groups of tribes may ally with or against each other, and it is not impossible - though rare - to witness hundreds of squikeys from various tribes fighting in the dense forests for territory.

Because of their highly social and organized nature, debates rage as to the extent of squikey intelligence. They are capable of using tools, although they cannot make artificial tools (such as chipped flintstone) as of yet nor do they understand how to use fire. Additionally, their complex organization and planning skills add to their status as one of the most intelligent non-human species. Finally, whether squikeys are capable of language or proto-language is up to heavy debate.