The Great Winds is a religious story told by the story keepers of the Alabay. It is a symbol of Otolvo's power, people's worth, and obiedience. Great importance is placed on this story.

The StoryEdit

Once in the distant past the people grew powerful. They worshipped Otolvo. They were happy but Otolvo didn’t do what they wanted very often. A dark spirit spoke to these power hungry men. He saw what held them back. "If you worship me and my companions, we shall make it so that you can turn dirt to water."

They received this gift and many others. With this ability they tore up the plains and planted vast fields of food. The animals no longer had grass to eat so they perished. But they continued on. As the grain grew over the years Otolvo grew despaired and jealous. "May their waters run dry until they see their fault."

The waters went so dry that the sky itself spit only dust. All plants died. Men looked to the spirits but they could give no answer; Otolvo had sewn their mouths shut with their own fingers. Winds grew strong in the land. They pulled the ground up in clumps. The oldest of mighty trees had fallen like grass under foot. Soon the houses were wrenched into the sky. The sun went black and night never seemed to lift.

Years passed. The men hid in caves deep below, the winds scraping away at the surface getting closer every day. In the dark having never seen light children huddled in the corner; hungry for food was rationed to mere grains. Then one day Otolvo came back to see what his punishment had done. Seeing what had happened to that which was created long before, pain was felt from deep within. Confliction wrestled in Otolvo’s soul. Save the people, the traitors, or kill them and let justice resound.

Into the caves the dust rushed, hiding Otolvo, taking the children into safe outstretched hands. Out of the caves into the abrasive wind, the children were pushed until they came out of a windswept canyon.

Otolvo sent a shining spirit to teach the children how to live off the land. The shining spirit also taught them how to serve Otolvo in a way that they would never face wrath of such severity again.