The speakers of (mid)-Western Todos inhabit the Mediterranean lands south and west of the Subtropical lands which are and were home to the ancestral Todos Protolanguage.

note: (ő) is a nasalized /o/, while (ő) is /o::/

Wordlist for comparison with common Todos:

ïnïn = 1, stone

ïnɔn = 2, cove

ïnon = 3, pit, hole

nɔntün = you

ɔn = 2nd Person marker.

p_p_ = exclamation, attention-grabber.

Romanization uses both (χ) and (h) for /χ/

dhötün = man

χotün = woman

Gutün = child, infirm person

Etün = a dead person

Itün = dead people


dhël.hün = land

dhőn, œthon = moon

Ongthőn = stars

l.hun, l.hün = sky

l.hösœn = eye

Nyeny = sun

őnχőn = ear

ënχőn = nose

inχőn = tongue

Ink = speaking

ün = drinkable water

Ɔneny = salt water, tainted water


dhogõn = edible part of a plant

l.hogõn = inedible plant

Oënuny = armor, shell, skull

őnguny = bones, internal shell


Del.henk = arboreal meat

Pol.henk = burrowing meat (land and sea)

tɔl.henk = running meats (land and sea)

œl.henk = slithering meats (snakes, eels, etc)

ïl.henk = swimming meats

Neny = diseased

Nenul.hösœn = sleep

Ul.hösœn = pretending to sleep


Χü= do not

Χuχü = yes do

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